Hello, comrades! I’ve decided–mainly because NaNo is down–that I’m going to add polls to mine blog. Starting now.

A new poll!


13 thoughts on “Polls

  1. (Thestral) I put “Other,” because I think I like fairies best. But not silly Disney fairies, epic mythological fairies that will KEELL you. And possibly eat your inside wobbly bits.

    • Ah! GallifreyGirl! You might me my hero. Either that, or my evil twin sister. But is there really much of a difference? Anyway, I really agree with you on the man-eating pixies thing. It’s like we share a brain.

      • Can I, like, marry both of you guys?
        Just kidding. Because that would be weird. I didn’t put faeries, though, because I like my inside bits and I don’t want to make them mad by calling them “animals”. XD

  2. I think that you should dye your hair white. Definietly. I spelled that wrong. But I don’t care enough to go back and change it.

  3. ANIMAL THE MUPET! Goodness. There are other options? Why? Why are there other options. THERE IS ONLY ONE OPTION AND HE IS A MUPPET GUYS. DUH.

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