In which Stranezza indulges himself with cliched folk wisdom

I saw someone I really despise out in public yesterday. I was putting up posters for work and I knew if I talked to them I would get heckled and spend a bunch of time being upset about it. I tried to duck out of view so they wouldn’t see me, but of course that didn’t go quite as planned. The universe works in strange and, frankly, dickish ways. I started to walk away, thinking they hadn’t seen me…but they did, and they said hi. I ignored them and kept walking. After all, they were twenty feet behind me and I looked relatively busy. Then I accidentally made eye contact with them and ran away.

Today I had to deal with their flack about it, all while thinking to myself, “You know, I really have no reason to engage people I hate.” If someone is a complete buttface, and you’ve done all you can to like them anyway–and I really have for this particular fellow–then you don’t actually have an obligation to engage them, especially if they’re not a co-worker or someone you’re stuck seeing on a regular basis. You can pretend they don’t exist and you’ll be happier for it. If you let them get to you–or even worse, if you try to get back at them–then you’re going down a road you don’t want to go down. You’re better than that, and you deserve the happiness that comes from not engaging.

~~La Stranezza


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