I went to a car show and all I got was this stupid awesome pennant

I went to a swap meet this past Friday, as part of my not-overly-incredible annual family vacation. There were a lot of cars, and a lot of people–mainly adorable old men in overalls, but also an assortment of oddballs ranging from kids in Doctor Who shirts to this one guy who looked like he was trying to pull off the shittiest Dave Strider cosplay ever–and we walked around for about eight hours looking for deals. Near the beginning of our great adventure, I bought a cheese knife with the Freemason’s symbol on it. Frankly, I don’t know why I bought it. I mean, I don’t actually use cheese knives–although I suppose I could start, if my family came into a trove of cows–and there a bit of rust on it, so I’d have to do some repair work before it would even be usable. Still, it was only three dollars, and for something I can use to stab my enemies with in a tight fix that isn’t bad at all.

After celebrating my bargain with the traditional flagon of ale spiced with the blood of a newborn calf (this is Arkansas), I wandered around some more until I found this–


Ouachita pennant and matching beanie cap

I struck a deal with the lady and got both things for five bucks, which my mom ended up paying. It was a positive experience for me, because I really don’t like spending money.

Ouachita is a really nifty college. I’m going there in the fall.

Afterwards, we headed back to the car and ate MREs–these really nasty pre-packaged meals that the government supplies to soldiers in the field. Mine tasted like shit, but I ate it anyway because we’d been walking around for three hours and I was starving.

We headed back out into the fray, walked around for another four hours, and I ended up getting a sweater vest. By this point, it was maybe ninety degrees, so I guess you could say I’m a dumb fuck, but I prefer the term stylish.

After I’m done treating my horrible heat rash, I’ll get back to you.

~~La Stranezza


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