Art Receptions

Art receptions are pretty much the best thing ever. Here’s a list of seven reasons why art receptions are so cool:

  1. It gives you an excuse to dress fancy–i.e., wear a bow tie. God, bow ties are cool.
  2. If your dad is there and he’s a little tipsy (and you’re underage) he might decide to sneak you some “punch”. That’s always fun.
  3. If you’re overage, you can get free booze.
  4. You get look at pretty pictures. Unless it’s an experimental art exhibit. Then you get to be really confused.
  5. Did I mention you get to wear bow ties?
  6. A monocle, too, depending on how fancy the reception is.
  7. In some extreme cases, a solid gold tuxedo and matching top hat is required as well.

Unfortunately, the art reception I went to on Sunday didn’t require a solid gold tuxedo. I’m keeping my hopes up, though.

~~La Stranezza

PS I will be going on a long-weekend camping trip with my family starting Thursday. I do not plan to post again until next Tuesday at the earlier. Expect a rambly post about how I hate nature and bug bites. 


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