Laziness killed the cat

Judging by any number of things, most notably my unwillingness to put on pants, I have become quite lazy since school let out. I spend most of my time reading Homestuck and making tea. The most productive thing I’ve done all week (outside of work) was buying batteries for my thermostat, and the only reason I did that was because my ‘rents are on vacation and no one else was here to do it for me. Heck, I’ve had trouble with this post what with jumping  back and forth between tabs. I fear Wikipedia will be the death of me.

Maybe my laziness is just temporary, however. Maybe if I go cut down some trees and build a log cabin in my back yard and then  hire an interior designer to decorate and throw a wild party in order to attract my estranged love Daisy and then study the grammar rules regarding appositives my laziness will be cured. Maybe, but I really do doubt it.

~~La Stranezza


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