There’s a universal causality that runs through all things, and unless you observe this causality you can never be sure if something is just “random” or too complex to be seen as mundane. When you look at the big picture, as opposed to the tiny little details–each minute swipe of the brush–you start to notice that patterns emerge. There’s a reason for everything. This is not to say that there is a good reason for everything, or that everything always works out for the best. Heavens no!

Regardless of final outcome, though, rest assured there is some sort of purpose underneath all things. I don’t claim to know what that purpose is–perhaps the creation of the perfect blueberry cobbler–but I know it’s there. We can sense it though the corners of our eyes, just out of focus, like grass or trees. It’s there; it’s always been there, so there’s no special emphasis placed on it. It’s just another fact. When you shift from this complacent worldview, though, and you observe the causal relationship between things you get a glimpse of a larger clockwork puzzle. X causes A and B, and B causes C, and C causes X2, which causes N through R, which is the Invasion of France by Hungary, etc. ad nauseum. Things don’t just happen. Things happen because other things happen first.

Why is this important? Well, because if we pay close attention to the grass and the trees and the clockwork puzzle, we can imitate life more closely in art, and more easily fool people into believing our stories.

~~La Stranezza


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