Human beings are weird.

On one hand, you have people like the cool beard dude I met today who blogs about James Joyce and knows how to spell privilege correctly, although I apparently do not. (I assumed there was a D in there, although maybe I just wanted it.)

On the other hand, you have people like the bitchy lady who does not understand basic theatrical lighting principals and who refuses to listen when you try to explain them, prompting you to punch a wall and then go drink tea until you feel better. (I went through at least four cups over that clod of wayward marl.)

These are people of ordinary good and ordinary evil. They might affect you greatly, might cause you to pull your hair and stomp your feet, or maybe leap up into the air with joy. The thing they have in common, though, is they only affect you, and no one else.

Some people are not of ordinary good or evil. These are the ones that go out of their way to make their mark on everyone. They may cut us or bless us, but the effect is the same. Everyone is drawn closer together. Cuts will fade, but the shared bonds of humanity will not. We suffer so that we may remember we are all the same inside.

That isn’t to say tragedies are good. Tragedies are not good. Tragedies are terrible. If it were up to me, there would be no bombings, no shootings, no missile drones killing civilians. But it isn’t up to me, and I’m kinda happy it’s not. All I’m trying to say is that these things can be painful, but they can also bring us together. And that’s pretty okay with me.

~~La Stranezza


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