In Which Stranezza Wonders Why He Has No Friends

I’ve noticed that, for the past few weeks, I haven’t been getting comments like I used to. This is mainly my fault for not creating a forum for thoughtful dialogue, but I also feel that it was a group effort. If I don’t get feedback about what’s good and what’s not (save for in the form of likes, which can be hard to analyse) then I have no way of knowing whether you guys would be interested in a series of slash fic posts featuring Leopold Bloom and Iago, two of the horniest characters in the Western Canon. Hold on, I need to write that down…

Anyway, I thought that, perhaps, the best thing to do is to ask you what you like and respond to. Otherwise I’d just be shooting in the dark, and the last time I did that I had to change my name and flee to Puerto Rico.

~~La Stranezza



3 thoughts on “In Which Stranezza Wonders Why He Has No Friends

  1. Hey Kid, its been awhile. Sorry. I’ve been absent from the inter webs(WordPress and nano) for awhile, feels like forever. Good news is I’m going to start being on more often and therefore reading your blog more. I think you do fantastic. -anywho see ya around, esherton
    P.s. I started going by esherton more than eshy and you came up with it. For that, thanks.

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