Blind Allegiance (500)

To celebrate my 5ooth post, I asked a really swell person (who doesn’t blog nearly as much as she ought to) if she could write something up for me. Here it is: enjoy. 

The day was darker than the times. The wind was lapping in such a way that my hair looked like welcomed wildfire. HE crossed through the ever-thinning crowd to the stage.

That was his name- HE…for today anyway. HE changes his name whenever he feels the need. It may have been Robert once. I can’t remember.

His smile was false. Then again, as were ours. HE began to speak, but none of us knew what the sounds HE made meant. We never did. The Wise stood in their designated area near the stage. The crowd was so thin that I could actually see them. They wore long grey robes and all had the same blood red braided rope tied around their waists. The Wise nodded at every syllable that HE spoke.

A glance to the left proves that The Nameless are still silent. They know better than to speak, for that road has been walked before. They only sound they made, the clanking of their shackles, was a constant reminder.

HE was still speaking. The majority of the crowd- the guards, the factory workers, and the parents-nodded along with The Wise, yet they didn’t understand either. No one did.

HE waved his arm in the air, a sign that HE was finished. I stood still. Two women passed me. One said “I think that was the best one ever. HE outdid himself.” The other responded “Oh yes, I especially enjoyed the middle part.” Fools. Fools the lot of them. No one understood. No one did.


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