Clothes Make the Man

(Or woman, for that matter. I don’t discriminate.)

Currently wearing: a pinstripe button-up and sleeping shorts. 

I am not here to dispute the importance of dressing nicely. I am a shallow person. If you look like shit constantly, I am going to assume you are a filthy homeless person with severe mental health issues. Dressing nice is very important.

I am here to stress the importance of being comfortable. There is nothing more distracting than an ill-fitting pair of underpants or a pair of pants that fall off your waist even with a belt. If you are comfortable in a pair of sweats and a hoodie, then that’s alright, so long as they don’t have holes in them and they actually fit your body. There’s nothing more attractive than a person who is comfortable in their own skin: comfort looks good, feels good, is good. It is also noteworthy that comfort transcends the physical–loafers might be nice on your upper-foot, but not having to worry about tying your shoes gives you peace of mind.

For me, comfort is jeans and a button-up. Grant me this and I can rule the world.

~~La Stranezza


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