Why We Edit

Editing, in a lot of ways, is a lot more fulfilling than pen-on-pad writing. To quote Joyce, “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” The mistakes we make during rough drafts are simply that, mistakes–unintentional, embarrassing, and potentially cutting the ropes on disbelief. In subsequent polishing, however, we can examine these mistakes and accept them at face value or we can delve into them as portals of discovery, Freudian slips into our own unconscious. Mistakes help us know what we are trying to say before we have said it. The art and the artist both thrive on them. Perhaps the first painting would have never been painted if not for an accidental splash of color on a cave wall: colors become shapes, shapes become ideas, ideas become the narcotic that fuel our mania. The process of creation, the formation of raw materials into something is in itself something magical; but the honing down it takes to move a thing from something to something in particular, perhaps even something beautiful, is divine.

~~La Stranezza


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