Why We Bite

There’s a cat in pencil on my ceiling. I think it is a cat, although it might be a rabbit. I was sleep-deprived when I drew it.

When you’re really incredibly sleepy, you do things you normally wouldn’t. When I’m sleepy I like to bite people. I’be been told it’s not socially acceptable by a pretty little no-one-in-particular , although she has a fierce reputation as a liar-pants and oughtn’t be believed. Biting is a great way to relieve stress when words fail you and you’re all velociraptor’d out. It works your jaw muscle and causes laughter. Biting is fun and entertaining, no matter what anyone else says.

I encourage you all to go out today and bite someone you love for the soul reason that you love them and/or you’re running on six and a half hours of sleep and you have to decipher Blake’s Songs of Innocence for class tomorrow.

Trust me. I got kicked out of medical school.

~~La Stranezza


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