Life as Persistent Narrative

When you spend most of your time writing stories or thinking about how to best write stories, you start imagining your life as one. You say, “Here is the beginning, and the middle and here will be the end.” Everywhere you find story arcs in your own life–the beginning of one in an impromptu trip to the coffee shop, the end of another with twelve black roses. Middles start to bother you. Irresolution bothers you. You can’t wait to end one story and start another, and so you take shortcuts and make actions that send it towards its end. You sacrifice quality for quantity, and you pass up the good things in life because you refuse to seem them as good things. You just seem them as middles.

But, remember, the middle of a story is most important. It’s what makes us hang on to the edge of our seats and what makes us want to make more stories. If a story is good enough, the audience dreads the end. Your life can be a series of stories, but make them stories well enough that you dread the end. The end isn’t that important. The middle  is. The middle is where you fall in love.

~~La Stranezza


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