I got me some glasses

The thing about glasses is that they make you look sophisticated. Or, in my case, a nerd.

Of course, is there really that much of a different between being a nerd and being sophisticated? Well, I guess so. Sophisticates are basically nerds, but really smart nerds. Instead of nerding out over things like Batman and Fall Out Boy, though, they nerd out over Dostoevsky and wine and they generally speaking have advanced degrees in something, although not necessarily.

There is also the issue of enthusiasm. Sophisticate sounds so much more restrained, and it’s hard for me to imagine anyone yelling “sophisticatefighters!” at the top of their lungs or placing objects on their heads which are not mortarboards. I think if sophisticates were to form their own internet society it would be called something like “sophisticats” and it would more be something to chuckle lightly at than to print on t-shirts and announce loudly in public.

In short, this is the difference between nerds and sophisticates:



N1: Yeah, I spent all last night working on a computer program that, when finished, will allow you to bake muffins from your bedroom.

N2: Dude, that’s awesome! You’re such a nerd.


S1: Did you read that Thomas Pynchon story I sent you last night, old boy?

S2: I say, my good man! It was quite marvelous! Now, let’s go drink tea in the parlour with Mrs. Davies. She’s been lonely, you know, ever since Mr. Davies died last autumn.

S1: Yes, I know, chum, the whole town’s been ablaze about it…well, that, and her strange habits.

Wait, no. That’s from my play. You weren’t supposed to see that. Go away.

~~La Stranezza


2 thoughts on “I got me some glasses

  1. Of course, is there really that much of a different between being a nerd and being sophisticated? It depends on your accent. All bespectacled French and Swedish people, for instance, are sophisticates. Actually, scrap that theory. ALL French people are sophisticates.

    • Well, I admit that accents must play a role in the sophisticate/nerd dichotomy, although I wouldn’t go so far as to call voice the deciding factor. You also have to take into account haircuts. After all, have you ever seen a nerd with nice hair? I don’t think I have.

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