In Which La Stranezza Has a Mental Relapse

I started working on a project yesterday. I don’t know what it’s called yet, or how long it’s going to be, or the gender of the narrator, but I do know that there’s a giant poplar tree, a manuscript, a hobo, an estranged love interest, and that the central theme of the work is uncertainty. This is cool, because whenever I’m writing I don’t like to know everything about the story. I like to know the beginning, and what happens right after the beginning, and I like to know a little bit about the main character while still having room for exploration (for instance: the mc in this piece was supposed to be a male but now they might be a transgender male in a female’s body), and I like to know the central theme. That’s it. If I know anymore then it gets boring because then it’s like I’m already reading the book, and the thing about writing is that you do not want to be bored. Yeah, there are dry spells where you’re tired of writing and just want to cry, but the important thing is not to be bored with the work. You have to make it interesting in your mind so that you have the motivation to get past the first draft and make it non-sucky–because, let’s face it, the entire purpose of a first draft is to suck. The purpose of a second draft is to suck less. The third’s job is to be moderately okay, maybe even kind of good–but you really have to get to the fourth before anything starts being really good, unless you’re some sort American God.

Also: The reason that first paragraph is so long is because my narrator writes long, meandering, stream-of-consciousness paragraphs mainly about cats because zie doesn’t know what zie wants to say and I’m already getting into the habit so I don’t want to mess it up. Thank you, that is all.

~~La Stranezza


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