In Which Stranezza Expounds on Philosophical Cliches

From Wiktionary, the free dictionary
7. (second object is an adjective, participle or noun) To cause to be.
The citizens made their objections clear.
This might make you a bit woozy.
Did I make myself heard?

Have you a dream? Doubtless. Everyone has a dream–whether to be a pilot, or an astronaut, or a writer, or a psychologist, or maybe even the Postmaster General. None of those are bad dreams; but they aren’t my dream. My dream is to make something beautiful, which sounds really cheesy, I know, but it’s true, and the truth is a pepperoni pizza.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what “something beautiful” is (I made my dream intentionally vague): a short story, a novel, a tea set, a witty British comedy about the human condition? But something beautiful could be “someone beautiful” as well. I don’t mean, like, have children–I’m seventeen, which is far too young to be considering anything like that; and I would probably be a terrible father because I’m me; and children are awful (worse than Brussels sprouts) –I mean more in the vein of “take someone who is ugly and make their beauty apparent.” Because people can be beautiful, too, even though they’re usually ugly as fuck–petty monsters, who don’t care and can’t or won’t. But sometimes they’re beautiful, and it would be nice to take a beautiful person and hold them up to the world so that the world knows this person cares.

More importantly, though, I’ve been wondering what beauty is. Maybe beauty is big gonzagas and a false front smile? I doubt it…but maybe. Maybe it is, and if so maybe I’ll go into the bathroom and kill myself for living in an ugly world. More likely, beauty is some abstract, subjective, disembodied concept we all make up in our minds; maybe we all want to make someone beautiful; maybe most of us just don’t know what beauty is, or don’t care to find out; maybe beauty is knowing beauty; and if that is true, then I am beautiful. Maybe maybe is a long word, but a true word, and maybe people don’t use it nearly enough. K?

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