My Emotions!

Last night, I went to a party. And, because I’m me, I wrote a story about the party. Because that’s just what I do. And these sentences are short, because the next few are really long. Not run-on, just long. Because I am the Master Commander.

This story is about my feelings, of which I have many.

I was upset because I wasn’t having fun; because I felt like I was supposed to be having fun and I wasn’t; because I wanted Kacy to stop dancing and come sit by me, even though that’s incredibly selfish; because I lacked the courage or will to get up and dance and be with her; because Jake realised there was something the matter and I lied to him about it; and I was upset because I let such a trifling thing as a dance party upset me so and nearly ruin my evening.
But I was happy because as that flower of love danced around the room, she was happy and her happiness infected me; and I was happy because as I drove her home we held hands, and there is nothing so pure or edifying as to hold hands with the woman you love; and I was happy because she loves me back, and that is the happiness I call my sublime lewdness.

I think it’s kinda weird how some people don’t like talking about their feelings. I mean, they’re feelings! You’re supposed to feel them! I don’t know. Maybe that makes me a feelings whore. Maybe, maybe not. If it does, then I shall wear my badge with pride. Because they remind me of Pokemon.

~~La Stranezza



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