People Actually Like This Crap?!

I’ve been noticing a weird trend with my site stats recently…People have been liking my posts. And not just “Oh, this one is actually kinda okay, so I’m going to like it”–it’s more like “Oh, this one is equally as good as the one he posted last Tuesday, which was freaking awesome, so I’m going to like the thirty-six most recent posts” which is incredibly weird, because, well…Well, it’s hard to explain with words. I have to sing it, instead!

 Ooh, shabbity-bah! Why do people like my blahg?

It’s not even that great! It’s mainly literary masturbate!

Your time would be better wasted if instead you basted

A turkey with chocolate and eggplant marinara sauce.

Thank you, thank you. Anyway, the point I’m trying to get at is that my blog isn’t even that good. That isn’t to say it’s bad–I, for the most part, enjoy what I write, and I’m weird, like hide-in-boxes-read-Ulysses-of-my-own-free-will-and-blog-about-Hamlet-weird. Most people I know, you see, are not like that, and so it’s a pleasant surprise always when someone likes a post. It’s like they’re saying, “Oh, this kid is super weird–but I’m weird, too, and so I’m going to like his post, because I’m a really groovy hepcat and that’s just how I roll.” That makes me feel special inside, because it means I’m not alone, and even if everything goes to hell there will still be weird people out there on the internet to quote Joyce with me.

You guys are seriously the best.

~~La Stranezza


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