Dr. Thunderlizard and the Super Baptist College

Once upon a time there was a mentally unstable but undiagnosed blogger. He decided that he was going to take Comp I at the community college.

So he did, and he had a really kick-ass professor. Let’s call her Dr. T. He loved her class so much he took Comp II from her the next semester.

This was his Junior year. As his Senior year approached and colleges jumped to the forefront of his mind, he had a great idea: Why don’t I get Dr. T to write me a letter of recommendation thing? So he asked her, but she ideas of her own.

She said he needed to check out a local Baptist college. At first he was all, “Baptist? Really?” but then he thought, well, it probably couldn’t hurt, and it’s only two hours away so why not? and he scheduled a trip.

He got to the school, and he first impression was of dismay. What was all this he heard about having to go to chapel every Tuesday? It didn’t seem like a good plan to him.

But then he went to the English department and he wasn’t so sure. Get this–there was a professor named Thunderlizard. And he had a bunch of cool stuff on his walls. The blogger didn’t get to meet Dr. Thunderlizard personally, but he did meet some other interesting characters–like a dean of social sciences wearing black overalls, and a different dean who collected root beer bottles from faraway lands. His perception changed and he started wondering whether it’d be better to suck it up and sleep through church–because this college, you guys, was pretty much perfect asides from the one major religious detail–or find a nice college some place else where he didn’t have to step into a place of worship ever again.

And then he remembered that life sucks anyway, and he doesn’t have make any decisions until the spring, so he might as well do what everyone else was doing and ask random strangers for advice on the internet.

This blogger’s name? Bob. Bob A. Pseudonym.

~~La Stranezza


20 thoughts on “Dr. Thunderlizard and the Super Baptist College

  1. Remember – in college, sleep is everything. You can take it as an opportunity to catch up every Tuesday. Its English department sounds amazing, too. Why not go there? I’ve got a Catholic-based institution on my list, yet, because they’re offering me an amazing scholarship and have a great music department. There are bound to be others there who feel the same about the whole thing as you do.

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