Ballade of the Broken Watches

What’s wrong with kids nowadays?

I walked up to a kid today and said, go pet the dog. It needs love. The kid said, I’d rather punch it. I said, stop trying to be cool, twelve-year-old.

The dog is my friend. Rather, my sister’s friend; but we won’t get into this. Let’s get back to the kid. He’s leaning against a stop sign, wearing a camouflage flannel jacket. He’s got a snarl on his face, like “eff the world.” I don’t know if he’s actually twelve–he looks like a big twelve-year-old, though, and he acts like he feels like I felt when I was twelve, when we were all twelve. This boy is an archetype. He’s angry because we were all angry when we were twelve–at the world and our parents and authority figures. That’s excusable.

I think it’s physically impossible to be twelve and not be angry. That’s just the way things are.

New hypothesis: There isn’t anything wrong with kids nowadays. Kids are exactly the same as they were five years ago, when I was a kid. I’m still a kid, just a bigger kid with a blog and a twitter feed and responsibilities. Kids don’t ever change, people don’t ever change–only the world around us changes. We learn new words and  new ways of hating each other, and consequently our perceptions change. Three years ago I was the same person I am today, but today the world and my perception thereof are different.

Three years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of saying, “Stop trying to be cool” because back then cool meant something. Now cool is just a word and for all I care it can go to Hell.

~~La Stranezza


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