One Day

Yesterday (Saturday–or today, I guess you could say. Maybe) was my birthday. My seventeeth birthday, to be exact. Pretty exciting, huh?

You’re supposed to say yes, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter that much, because you’re all figments of my imagination anyway.

Here’s how my day played out:

6:30 AM: Got up. Went downstairs, drank coffee, watched My Little Pony.

7:05 AM: Went back up to my room, turned on computer. Checked email.

7:10 AM: Started software upgrade on PS3. While this was going on, went back to computer, did various things–FB, NaNo, etc.

7:45 AM: Software upgrade finished. Played Mass Effect 3 for about an hour.

9:00 AM: Ate breakfast. Watched more MLP. Notable moment (NM): Mum: “Turn that off! Shelby doesn’t want to watch it!” Little sister: “Mum, Shelby turned it on.” Mum: “Oh.”

9:30 AM: Started some more downloads. Played Mass Effect 3 until 2:30 or so. Yes, I know. I’m a failure at life. Don’t judge me.

2:30 PM: Left for dumb dad-work party. Didn’t plan on enjoying it.

3:00 PM: Successful distraction: Texting: Ended up at friend’s house. NM: Kid with mohawk. Playing basketball across the street.

3:05 PM: Left for coffeehouse. Got there some time later. Not long drive, friend (R) drives fast. Listened to music. Talked. Can’t remember what about. Seemed important at the time.

3:30 PM: Everyone else shows up in car. Order coffee, drink coffee, talk, watch Arkansas game, see old faces. Familiar faces. NM: Ugly baby. Really ugly. Maybe ugliest baby ever. Wept, on the inside, for humanity. Aside: Contemplated my mortality.  Lived and laughed and loved.

4:00 PM: Left coffeehouse–mutual consensus. Everyone (R, Me, C, S, E) done with coffee, want to stretch our legs. Exited on to Main. 1 Block East, 1 Block North. Arrived at Bookstore. Bookstore closed. See R’s mother. Hide. Don’t know why. It made me laugh. 0.2 Blocks South. Turned East into alleyway. Through courtyard and back out on to Main. Don’t want to jaywalk. We go to stop sign. Big ass truck almost runs us over anyway. NM: I take off my shoes before crossing. Beatles reference.

4:15 PM: Art gallery/working studio. See Mike. Mike is an artist. He has a beard and greying hair and a round face and body. I like him. Hide from R’s mother some more, crawl under table. Look at art. One picture–a monkey jerking off. We talk about it. Go into the subject of animals. Birds and cats are shot, dogs are pitied. Telling stories. My story: Bird flies into window and dies.

5:00 PM: Leave art gallery, walk back to cars. Decide, we’ll go to the park. R drives. Stop for gas. Listen to Led Zeppelin. C (R’s sister) digs through my bag. A little nosy. Finds book: Children of the Alley. By Egyptian author. Interesting. Talk about that.

5:20 PM: Arrive at park. Play for a while. Swing, and then jungle gym. Borrow a ball from some kids. Kids are cool, as long as you don’t have to deal with them. Tell story without a clear ending or beginning or meaning, even. The point of the story is to exist. I like stories like that. Wasting space is a good way to take it up.  E gets picked up by stepsister. Wait for mother to pick us (me and S, my sister). NM:  There’s a cat strolling down the sidewalk. I cross the street and pick it up. The cat is warm and soft. I don’t shoot it. It escapes. I think I know its owner; I ought to ask later.

6:00 PM: Say bye to C and R, leave park with mum. Talking: Food. What cake for birthday, what dishes with dinner? Frustrated. All this previously established. Manage car ride home.

6:20 PM: Home. Turn off PS3. Left it on to finish downloads. Went downstairs. Try not to pass out. Presents. What I got:

Brazil (1985 Film)

Community Season 3

Big Bang Theory Season 5

6:45 PM: Turned on Community downstairs. Watched. Laughed. NM: Documentary Filmmaking Redux. Also the 2001 homage in Biology 101. Cool cool cool.

10:01 PM: Finished watching first disc. Came upstairs, started on this this post.

11:03 PM: Sleep.

~~La Stranezza


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