Status: Mentally in shambles, physically ruinated, emotionally unstable, otherwise feeling friggin’ great.

More specific update: I didn’t say anything when it happened, but I got a new PS3 like two weeks ago. It didn’t seem very important, so I was all like “Whatevs.”

Then I got addicted to ME2 and played through it twice in two weeks, and now I’m thinking it might be slightly important.

However, I have for the most part got over my problems–I only compulsively draw an omni-tool on my arm twice a day now, and the doctors seem to think that that can be fixed with some incredibly expensive physical therapy. At least, I hope I’ve gotten over the problem. Only this weekend will tell–if I can avoid getting on the game through Sunday I should be home free. Saturday is already covered due to a cook-out, and Friday night is usually reserved for sacrificing goats anyway. That just leaves Sunday as an extreme source of anxiety and frustration as I purge my system.

I’ve been thinking about a plan of action, but so far all I can come up with involves burning myself heavily on a toaster and then spending the rest of the day in the hospital. That worked for the great Pokemon detox of 2009. Now, though, I’m pretty sure that it won’t cut it–my robotic upgrades make it extremely hard for me to be burned.

Does anyone have a blowtorch I can borrow?

~~La Stranezza


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