Gone (A Guest Post from Faith)

Dedicated to watermelon

One day I became an adult. It was a good day but for the unfortunate lack of bubbles. Still, it was a good day and the next day promised just as good. In the morning I discovered I really did like Coke much more than Pepsi and I’d have to cut the celebration for my brother’s party short. Drat school.

Fortunately I got both a cupcake and an ice cream bar before I had to dash to my school to meet a group of people. Little did I know I would never get to hug my siblings again.

Oho. Drastic, eh? Something that is only supposed to happen in movies, right? Wrong. I ditched class an hour early to head home to finish celebrating my brother’s birthday. My dad brought me home and I think we talked, but I don’t remember what about. It seemed insignificant next to the empty house we arrived at.

Where was the party?  Good food? Laughter and music? And… where was my family?

I’ll tell you because you don’t deserve the mystery I found myself faced with. The answer is: Gone. Such is the title of the story. What happened next?

An epic three day adventure that should only happen once in a lifetime. Preferably never, if possible.

Friday morning I went to school like a good student and managed not to cry when a good friend hugged me. It wasn’t hard besides that; no one is interested in anyone else’s troubles. Especially when there are performances to do. The show must go on!

Well, the show did go on. I had things to do and assignments to finish. But, oops, my mother was still gone and I had an adventure to start. Four hour road trip! We ended up in the neighboring state, searching for the lost woman and my very dear siblings.

Day one happened to be Friday the thirteenth. The very worst day in my life, ever. It was a zero if there ever was one. Thirteen is never a good number, anyway, why would you want a Friday (supposedly the best day of the week) on that number?

Note to the people who make calendars: Do us a favor and just leave out the thirteen’s.

Well, that day ended thankfully relatively early. I remember driving a lot and talking a lot. On the phone. Luckily it wasn’t me doing the talking, phones are ridiculously invasive.

The next day was Saturday and opened considerably sunnier than the day before. We went and visited my uncle so he could fix our car. I have pretty awesome uncles, if you’d like to know. While the car was being fixed we went off and had a really good breakfast at an average breakfast chain. Our waiter was nice and kept checking if my food was okay. It was good, waiter dude, thanks for mixing the mango and peach shakes for me. Er, at least having the chef person do it.

After that we realized that it was important to find my mother ASAP. It had been more than 24 hours and by then it would be okay to call the police. But I found something first. Using my ingenious computer skills (more like my mother’s lack of computer skills and tendency to use the same password for everything) I discovered a cryptic email in my mom’s deleted files. She later deleted it but thanks to hotmails loveliness I resurrected it and saved it on my computer.

The message? She had a phone we did not know about and was with people we did not know about but quickly gained an intense fear of. Crazy scary home wreakers. Seriously, people, it’s NOT okay to break up a marriage. I don’t care how awesome and amazing you think you and your alternative to a sound marriage is, just don’t do it. Thanks, all the kids of the world will thank you.

So, day two? Yes, okay. Well, after we dropped my best friend brother off with his best friend cousin my dad and I went and got pasta. I actually wanted soup but the soup place was out of business so we went to a spaghetti place. There was ice cream. It was really good; also the waitress brought me crayons. I like when waitresses are nice and bring you what you ask without looking at you strange.

After that we figured some more things out but it wasn’t until day three the ball got rolling. Day three I attended two separate churches, twice each. It was weird but I did get hot chocolate.

Then we met with a lawyer that just happened to be the mother of one of my old friends. It turns out she got a lot of her awesomeness from her mother and we figured out how to use the deviousness of those creepy home wreakers and turn back on them. We went and got ice cream. It was ice cream day and it would be a sin not to get ice cream. We got it from a place I’ve never gone to; despite that it is everyone’s favorite place to go. I was always to ‘young’. People should not discriminate by age.

And back to the lawyer, we made a plan and met with a counselor. The fourth counselor I’ve been to, but this time they weren’t trying to figure out my relationship with my brother or help me not be so negative. I’m not negative, right? I’m awesome.

Well, counselor lady was super nice. Her office smelt like paint. We arranged things with her and suddenly, without warning, the adventure was over.

We drove the four hours home and thought about our three day adventure. We were much closer to the location of my mother and much closer as father, son, and daughter.

Now, several days later, I’m finally going to see them for the first time in over a week. I miss them. I don’t like to celebrate my new adulthood by being alone a lot and eating way too much ice cream.

Although, too much ice cream is never a bad thing.

The moral of the story is: Life sucks. Sometimes people are rude and don’t do the things you expect them to do. Sometimes people leave you when you think they love you. Sometimes you find out you can’t trust people. Sometimes bad things happen. But guess what? That’s okay because no matter what happens you can still be happy. Even if you have to take off on an unplanned adventure for a not happy reason, even if you do hurt really badly and have to live with a cloud of sadness for a while, even if you don’t know who to trust anymore. No matter what the important thing is to realize that you won’t be sad forever. I’m not sad anymore.

It was a really tough three day adventure but we got through it, we got through it together. And now I know where my mom is and she’s not leaving anymore. Now we got rid of those crazy marriage breakers. Now we have adventures every weekend that are much less sadder. I will never forget how heavy that cloud was the three of us shared for those days but I will also never forget how amazing my dad and brother are for standing strong and keeping all of us from going crazy. We’re okay, we’re alright, and everything will be fine in the end.

Especially if the story ends with ice cream. (Which if it doesn’t then the story isn’t over yet, keep on keeping on.)



2 thoughts on “Gone (A Guest Post from Faith)

  1. You forgot to announce that it took like three months for me to get this stinking thing written and I wrote it because I made a sarcastic comment that was an apparently good number and won your comment contest before it was announced! Mwhaha, I’m just that good. You also didn’t even hyperlink to my blog :/ That’s why I had to make this crappy, conceited comment. I regret nothing! You’re a good person, Feet.

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