The Freedom to Rock and Roll

So I went to a goshdarn Independence Day gathering yesterday because, you know, yesterday was Independence Day in Americaland and people are strangely literal about these sorts of things. If it were up to me, all Fourth of July celebrations would be held on the sixteen of February, just because I like the screw with people. Unfortunately, I’m not the supreme ruler of the world yet, so it’s not like I can decide these things. Yeah…

Anyways, it’s not like the party was all bad. I say that, but only because I spent the majority of the time inside an air conditioned man cave playing Rock Band. All the grownups were outside sweating their Spanish-word-for-man-junk off and being bitified by skeeters. The reason I didn’t spend the entire time inside was because A) the food was outside and B) near the very end, whilst my sister (one of them, at least) and I were playing Are You Gonna Be My Girl at maximum volume, being completely badasses, the game suddenly froze and it was really awkward. We vowed never to speak of it again and went outside. Worst. Episode. Ever. Of course, it was probably for the best because I literally played Rock Band for four hours. Hopefully the poor guy’s XBOX wasn’t broken and just was a little tired because of all the wear and tear we put on it, otherwise I’d feel guilty and have to commit ritualistic suicide.

In unrelated news: Kingdom Rush is addicting, my cousin is annoying, the gum in my mouth is out of flavour, and scientist dudes think they discovered the Higgs boson but aren’t completely sure because that’s how they roll.

~~La Stranezza


6 thoughts on “The Freedom to Rock and Roll

  1. Yay for independence day things. I went to the park for like five minutes because I hate being outside and I only wanted to swing and I don’t understand how a picnic can celebrate liberty. Now my neck hurts and someone should explain the Higgs boson to me.

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