In the Navy…

I just got back from USNA Summer Seminar in Annapolis. Background: Summer Seminar is this program at the United States Naval Academy that takes place for a week in June. It supposedly to let you know if you want to go to the Naval Academy or not, because going is a big decision, as we’ll get to shortly.

Back to the point: I just got back from Summer Seminar. Well, not technically true…it ended on Thursday and then I had to go to a crummy family reunion with a bunch of old people. Some of them were cool, but most of them were uber creepy…I just back from that today, and am ready to pass out and have strange Fear and Loathing in Las Vegasinspired dreams involving me being attacked by gummy green piranhas. It’s a metaphor for life.

Overall, I’d say that Summer Seminar was pretty friggin’ awesome. I was worried that I was going to get picked on or something ’cause I’m kinda weird but everyone got along pretty good. Well, except for this one kid with crazy eyebrows and an extreme narcissistic personality disorder but he was the exception rather than the rule. I don’t know if I want to go to the Academy or not yet, ’cause if you do go then you commit at least nine years of your life (four at the Academy and five years active duty) and the idea of me being in a situation where I have to handle a gun and possibly (although most likely not) have to shoot someone scares the crap out of me. Let’s face it, we all know I’m a bit of a sissy. Even if I did want to shoot someone, I don’t think I could do it. I’d probably end up shooting my own foot or something.

That’s the bad part about the Academy, anyway. The good part is that being in the navy would be fun, because it’d be like Star Trek ‘cept for with normal people ships instead of spaceships. Also, as previously mentioned, everybody got along. There was a sort of fraternal rapport there. It was like a giant cookie of acceptance. The giant cookie of acceptance was my favourite part, because I’m all in to people getting along and shit.

Even if I decide not to go, though, there is one good thing about my attending Summer Seminar: I got a bunch of free crap.

~~La Stranezza

P.S. This is the part where I announce that I have some serious thinking to do and spend the next three hours on TVTropes.


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