On the Painful Subject of Acquiring Arborio Rice

For some reason, I decided I was going to make minestrone. I found a recipe on the interblag and found I had most of the ingredients, so I thought: Why not? And as for the ingredients that I didn’t have, they were all available at your local library. Or so it would seem.

See, it turns out libraries don’t sell groceries, so I went to a grocery store instead and found everything I needed but arborio. For those who don’t know, arborio is this funny looking rice than has higher-than-average amylopectin (a naturally-occuring thickening agent (that’s what she said (yes, that is what she said (but I’m a man! (no, I’m a man. You smell like butter.))))) content. I really wanted this rice, because it looks funny and the recipe called for and I wanted to make the recipe right, damnit!

I called a different grocery store and asked if they had the rice. And they didn’t, so I went to Walmart. Walmart didn’t have the rice, either. I went to the library again and looked up more phone numbers. I called the other grocery store in town (there are four) and a specialty shop downtown that I thought might have it. They didn’t.

After much dialing and much conversing, I headed towards a dubious-sounding Mexican grocers on the edge of town. I’d heard it mentioned in passing before, and I think I drove by it once, but I still wasn’t convinced it actually existed.

On a hunch, I decided to stop at a little Italian deli that I forgot was there, and it turns out that they did have it. So I bought the last bag on the face of the planet, and there was much rejoicing.

~~La Stranezza


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