Company of Thieves

Genevieve Schatz (of  CoT) has a voice like two hundred thousand atomic bombs of awesomeness getting dropped on you and then you get a free ice cream sundae, and they’re even better live. A kajillion times better live.

How do I know this? ‘Cause I went to a Company of Thieves concert last night in Little Rock and it was super amazing. I can’t even use words to describe its amazicality. Instead I’m going to send you mental pictures of how awesome it was and you have to try to intercept them because they’re pretty cool pictures.

Anyways, first it was like blam! and then it was like wowza! and then Genevieve started dancing like she was some sort of automatic vegetable cutting cooking robot which didn’t really make sense but it didn’t have to because it was still fun.

And then they finished with their set, and this is what happened: First I got a T-shirt, because I decided that the band should sign it because it would be super awesome, and then I went over to the stage door thingamajig and I waited for someone to come out. It was Genevieve, and I asked her: “Can you sign my T-shirt?” and she said “Sure!…Do you have a pen?” and I said “No.” And then we walked over to the merchandise table and she signed it there.

Then we went back and the guitarist came out, whose name I think is Marc. I asked him: “Can you sign  my t-shirt?” and he said “Sure!…Do you have a pen?” but I still didn’t but he was cool and we went over to the merchandise table again which happened to be on the other side of the room for some reason.

And then the keyboardist came out and I asked, “Can you sign my shirt?” and he asked “Do you have a pen?” but I didn’t so he said “…let me go find one…” and then he never came back, and also he was bald. I don’t know why that’s relevant, but it is.

Next, the bassist–who is named Chris–comes up and I ask him: “Can you sign my shirt?” and he asked “Do you have a pen?” and I said no again, and he said “Oh, okay…” and then he looked around for fifteen seconds and found a pen, and then he said: “Thank you for liking my band.” This is why bassists are awesome.

Afterwards, Grouplove played and they were really good, too, but not as good as Company of Thieves. Just twice as loud.

And then I didn’t get home ’till two o’clock and now it’s eight thirty and I really ought to be sleeping but that’s besides the point.

~~La Stranezza

P.S. And then I had a weird dream that bald keyboardist guy drove a Smartcar into my yard while we were having a bonfire and everyone else was a cowboy.


4 thoughts on “Company of Thieves

  1. The concert sounds awesome. Sucks about the keyboardist dude. All the keyboardists I know are awesome, but then, they all have hair. Maybe his baldness is why he never came back and that’s why it’s relevant.

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