Good news, everyone! I started on the third draft of my novel-in-progress, working title Capricia, from the English caprice (an unpredictable or sudden condition, change, or series of changes), from the Italian capriccio (a sudden stop), from the Latin caput (head) and riccio (curly). That is the etymology of the title.

Moving on…

The main differences between this draft and the others is that A) It’s more Madsen-centric, B) I’m completely rewriting it, not just editing my prior drafts, and C) looks kinda like a little cup, don’t you think? I bet you could put some grape juice in a C and nobody would mind one bit.

Anyway, for your entertainment, here is the first paragraph from said work-in-progress:

Charles Madsen died with a Walther P38 (inherited from his Nazi grandfather, long since deceased) in one hand and a penis-shaped cake in the
other, on the corner of 163rd and the Augustraße, but not before he had gunned down Marcus Allen Risinger and an unnamed taxi driver. He got the cake from Johnny’s Got His Gun Erotic Bakery. 

And it just gets stranger from there. Right now Mr. Madsen is having a coma-heart-attack-dream about being kidnapped by convicted felons. Next on the agenda there’s going to be a golf game where flying fish attack the golfers.

And now, because I ran out of stuff to talk about about myself, I’m going to address some concerns that people have had had with my blog blogging abilities in the past. 

Dear Mr(s). Stranezza,

Why don’t you ever talk about ponies?

Sincerely, ChrisBronie1987

Dear Mr. Bronie,

I don’t know what ponies are. Could you please tell me?

Sincerely, La Stranezza

Dear La Stranezza,

They’re like tiny horses.

Sincerely, ChrisBronie1987

Dear Mr. Bronie,

I’m afraid of horses. Also, Tom Robbins called them thousand-pound vibrators in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

Sincerely, La Stranezza

Dear La Stranezza,

Stop being a jerk.

Sincerely, ChrisBronie1987

Dear Mr. Bronie,


Sincerely, La Stranezza

And that’s all, foiks.

~~La Stranezza

P.S. I hope I’m not infringing any copyrights…


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