My Nose!

So, why’s it whenever you get whacked in the nose that you have to all of a sudden sneeze? Is it some sort of muscle reflex thing, like doubling over when you get punched in the stomach really hard, or is just a weird nose thing that happens because whatever whacked you might’ve accidentally knocked foreign bodies up your nose and now you have to sneeze it out really quick before you somehow get a rare form a tuberculosis only carried by monkeys and people with abnormally small heads and if it infects you then it will somehow mutate and kill off all human life as we know it (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing…)?!

Or, perhaps, a third theory: Noses are actually sentient beings and are attempting to do everything they can to make people angry enough that people will cut off their own noses, and then said noses will grow and combine together some sort of Super-Nose which will then take over the world unless we can stop it by dropping a giant stinkbomb because we won’t be able to smell the stinkbomb but the Pseudo-Nose-Monster will. The end.

See, the only downside to this last scenario is that I like my nose. It lets me smell things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to smell, like food and things that smell like food but aren’t actually food and if you eat them you’ll probably damage your intestinal intestines very much.

~~La Stranezza

P.S. Remember how I said that the post “Vampires” had an oblique reference to another post I made in the past? Well, no one has discovered what said reference references yet, and so if no one discovers it how are they supposed to have a haiku composed to their greatness and/or a fun web badge?


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