The Importance of Being Ernest (and/or Creating an Online Presence)


This guest post was written by Frau Kade of Lizbean, also known as Coffee, and formatted by me, because she has no idea how to properly format an email. It’s rather trifling, and now I’m off to go hunt some ravenous snarks. 

I will make this clear from the beginning: some things are more important to some peope than they are to others. To some, having a strong online presence is important; others may want to just lurk around the corners and be around without actually being around when online. This post is written by me, and therefore, I’m only speaking from personal experience. Feel free to disregard this. 


When I was but a child (read: last year), I discovered the most worthy of all challenges: National Novel Writing Month. Not only did I discover NaNoWriMo, but along with it came its sister organization, Script Frenzy, as well as an entire community of writers of all ages. 


I didn’t know about either of these things that make NaNo even more worthwhile. My only encouragement came from a IRL friend who was doing NaNoWriMo with me, and while that was great, it wasn’t enough. 


When I did Script Frenzy, I met Stranezza, the lovely creator of this very blog, among others who pushed me to succeed. And Camp NaNoWriMo introduced me to an entire group of perfectly flawed people, giving me the chance to forge bonds with other writers. 


But this post isn’t about the Office of Letters and Light. This post is about an online presence. 


The Internet is a small infinity (because some infinities are smaller than others). And inside that infinity, there are infinite ways to present yourself to the rest of the World Wide Web. You can be a troll, a high-profile blogger, a YouTube sensation, a gaming legend… the list goes on.


The important thing here is that, if you’re interested in doing something that you hope to get a following for (blogging, for example), or you want support (an online writer’s group, perhaps?), it’s important to have some sort of presence. Someone, somewhere, should be able to say ‘Who? Dragonchilde, from NaNo? Yeah, I’ve heard of her.’ or something of the like. 


Not only is it important to have a presence if you’re doing something like blogging or becoming part of a global, online community; but if you’re someone without a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc., you pretty much don’t exist by the standards of today’s society, which is a complete seperate issue in itself, and takes away a bit of the faith that I have for humanity. 


And so I end this with a quote: “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the Internet and they won’t bother you for weeks.”



10 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Ernest (and/or Creating an Online Presence)

  1. I love the end quote, COFFEE (not Stranezza)! This is a brilliant post, COFFEE (not Stranezza). I’m glad you bring at least a little bit of seriousness to this blog, COFFEE (not Stranezza).
    Stranezza: Give more guest posts to Coffee. Or not. I might just enlist her help over at my place…

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