It would seem that I keep forgetting how close I am to post number 300, as I am  now at 296 and I haven’t mentioned it once. I’ve been meaning to say something about it for a pretty long time now, but…Yeah. It’s not fun.

Anyways, because 300 sucks and 314 is so much cooler, instead of doing the cliché thing and having the contest set up so that the 1000th poster get to have a guest post at 300, they get to have a guest post at 314 instead, for the reasons stated above.

We’re 65 comments from the 1000th, so people should get a crackalacking–because Liam’s won the past two times the contests, and so somebody else should win now, just to break the monotony.

Also, coming up on Sunday: Whatever I feel like, but actually most likely an update on the play I auditioned for last night and what role I received in said play.

And now, because this post is shorter than previously anticipated, an anecdote from Stranezza’s big book of rambling anecdotes:

I remember one time when I was little I didn’t know that they pronounced J in Spanish like H in English, and I remember that my sister had a friend called Javier, but because his name was spelt Javier and not Havier, I thought he wasn’t the same bloke, and so when we were at the park one and I was riding my tricycle I saw him and he had on his soccer jersey and it “Javier” so I stopped and yelled at him maniacally where’s Havier? in that way that little kids do when they’re trying to insult you but really miss the point of the insult and then I pedalled as fast as I could on my tricycle out of there, laughing evilly a mahogwa.

This has been another episode of “Anecdotes from Stranezza’s Big Book of Rambling Anecdotes.” See you again next time. 

~~La Stranezza


28 thoughts on “296

  1. Congratulations! And this is my cue to stop commenting for a time. I don’t want to guest post and you can’t make me. Mwhaha! *pedals away while laughing much more evil than mini-Feet*

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