The Causality of Words

Has everyone here read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern? (This is where you’re supposed to raise your hand.)

It’s okay if you’ve not read The Night Circus–I won’t ruin the plot for you or anything–but you should probably read it, because it’s a fairly well-written novel to sink your fingers into. Nevertheless, I’m getting off topic. Kinda.

For those who have read TNC, you’ll know that it’s a rather cinematic book. What does this mean? The book evokes images from movies–if you watch the Prestige and then read TNC, then you’ll see what I mean. It’s as if Morgenstern’s book was practically written to be adapted to film form.

This really is a good example of how words evoke images, and images evoke thoughts, and thoughts evoke actions, and actions evoke words, and so on and so forth till we all die. You read TNC, you think of a movie (image). If you happen to be Christopher Nolan reading TNC, you think I should make a movie about this, and so you call up your brother Jonathan and you say hey, Johnny, you wanna work on a script with me? (action) and Johnny answers okeley-dokeley! and so you write the script (words), and the words become a movie (images) and people think, this is a schway* movie (thoughts), etc., etc., until Tarantino eventually finds time in his busy schedule of eyebrow waxing to make a pastiche about it.

Words are catalysts for thoughts. If you don’t read, you don’t think, and if you don’t think, then you’ll probably forget to breathe, and if you don’t breath, then chances are that you’ll die; and if you die then people will write obituaries about you and if they write obituaries about you they’ll put them in the newspaper and if they put them in the newspaper then people will read the newspaper and if people read the newspaper then they’ll want a mug of joe and so they’ll ask their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend hey honey will bring me some coffee and that will be the last straw and you’ll have ruined a perfectly good relationship that was already crumbling due to interpersonal problems caused by one of the partners hating Nolan flicks and the other one loving them.

So, before you decide that you’re going to up and act like an idiot, remember: don’t.

~~La Stranezza

*Schway (adj.): cool; fun; awesome. The Night Circus is a schway book! I’m on a Batman Beyond kick.



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