Random Updates Composed Entirely in List Form

Oh, yeah, and each item has to start with a T.

  • The time has come to reveal to you my deepest, darkest secret: I am a Pokemon addict. It’s a constant battle against a metaphorical Mewtwo, and, sadly, its best moves are all supereffect against the Mienshao of my soul.
  • Three words: Pin the hair on Tambor. Well, actually, that’s five words, but it sounds completely awesome for a party game, right? I mean, who doesn’t like Jeffrey Tambor?
  • To quote my friend: “Sad, humourless people.”
  • This one is pretty cool, too: I got an engine for my car and then I painted my engine orange, because orange is clinically proven to make your car go faster…probably.
  • That last part about orange making your car go faster was a lie. It’s actually blue that makes you go faster. Orange boosts your special attack, and if you’re holding a leppa berry you can counter supereffect dark type damage against your Umbreon.
  • Truthfully, if any of you can point out any of the multiple falsehoods in that last factoid, I will make you your own printable pin the hair on Tambor kit and email it to you so you can play the most awesomest game in the universe so far.
  • Then, for the last item on our agenda, I really do have to ask again: How is it possible for people to not like Jeffrey Tambor? He’s so friggin’ awesome it’s super funny! He was the Michael Cera of comedy back when Michael Cera was just a little kid picking maple syrup berries back in Canadia! I mean, come on!
  • The End.

~~La Stranezza

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