The Year in Review

January–Dark days indeed. This was a period when I was having whiny mopy self-absorbed relationship problems. In other words: My life was okay, but I thought it sucked because I was too busy being depressed to release that it didn’t suck. In fact, it didn’t suck so much that people asked me if I was a vacuum cleaner because my awesomeness absorbed all the suckiness.

February–I don’t actually remember what happened in February. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as bad as January, but I’m not sure. For all we know, I could have slept through the entire month, which would be pretty cool, because it would make excellent fodder for a Garcia Marquez novel fo sho. I think I bought a Audrey Hepburn calendar, but that’s about it.

March–This was the beginning of my period of Ibseny goodness, in which I read all of Henrik’s major plays and decided that I was going to move the Norway, because Norway is the SHIZ! Oh, and some other stuff happened, too, but I don’t actually remember it. I have a wretched memory suitable to an elephant.

April–April was when I started this blog. Why did I start this blog, you may ask? I don’t know. I’ll probably find out eventually, but right now the closest thing I have to an answer is the hypothesis that blogs are made to be read. Then again, there’s also the tertiary theory (the secondary being to lame to posit, posit being too awesome a word to sully in cohesion with the word secondary) (I like big words) that I pretty much made this blog because I’m a self-centred jerk, which seems much more likely when you think about it. And I have.

May–Finals, ACT, Went on vacation. Learned to love the beach, and fell in love with a dying austic woman who taught me the true meaning of love through the power of song and dance. Also, Gene Kelly was there. Austic lady died, was heartbroken, found new hope of redemption in a sea shell blah blah. Something like that. Oh, and May was when I decided I was going to be a beach bum and wear sandals more often. Sadly, dollar store thongs don’t hold up like they used to…Auditioned for Seussical. Got a callback for Mr. Mayor, hammed it up, ended up as a cruddy cadet.

June–finally came out about my atheism to my parents, which was a bigger deal than it seems, because my family is super Catholic, and wherever Catholicism/religion in general roams guilt isn’t too far behind, usually in droves. Also, there were rehearsals galore. So very, very many rehearsals…Curse you, Director Dan!

July–If I wasn’t at rehearsal, I was working on the set. For most of the month of July I practically lived in the theatre. It incredibly screwed up my sleep schedule and left me a walking zombie by the end of the show, a fact not helped by the tertiary (because secondary sucks) fact that I stayed up really late because of the quaternary fact that I’m not really a morning person.

August–started school again, wrote an awesome essay, teacher told me I should submit it for publishing via community college literary journal. Pondered this for some time. Started cycling. Reread the Harry Potter books. Completely bombed my first few weeks of college algebra, steadily picking up my test scores over the semester. But more on this later in this post.

September–Developed an affinity for the works of James Joyce, perchance the awesomest writer of all time. For some reason, though, he hated grammar and coherence even worse than the average American teen. Great minds think alike, eh, pacha? Also, submitted my awesome essay for publishing.

October–Lull month. Read, school, watched movies, plotted my revenge against Fox television, planned (in the loosest sense of the word) for NaNoWriMo, found out that I was going to get published. Leapt like a lizard. Picked up maths scores immensely.

November– Studied for finals, Thanksgiving, a helluva lot of cleaning, studied for finals, stagehand for IAWL, worked on set a bit, listened to the Stone Roses more than thought humanly possible, studied for finals. Oh yeah, and I wrote a fifty thousand word first draft. But other than that, nothing much happened in the month of November of this year.

December–Committed some low-level consumer-whoring by buying Christmas presents, engaged in some low-level hypocrisy by working lights for the Nativity, got a schveet pea coat, started a second reading of Ulysses, got an engine for my car, played about sixty hours worth of downtime on Arkham City, began the editing process for my NaNoNovel, wrote this post.

Now, to ring in this New Year of future cups of coffee and posts of blogs, the most optimistic song I could think of for a year like twenty twelve:

Befitting, hain’t it?

~~La Stranezza

P.S. my blog stats for 2011


2 thoughts on “The Year in Review

  1. I do love that video so.

    Slightly surprised to find no mention of the online land of OZ and all the various, er, *adventures* with that drama… but hey, perhaps that’s a good thing. It’s nice having a life outside the screen.

    I must say, the snowflakes slow down the speed of my commenting efficiency… oddly enough, just how they slow down the drivers around here right now.

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