Great Resplendent Goodness of the Universe


Script Frenzy is barely three months away! Ninety four days, to be exact. That’s…2,256 hours, or 135,360 minutes, or 8,121,600 seconds. In other words, if I randomly decided to watch Hot Fuzz over and over again until it was time for Script Frenzing, I will have seen it 1128+4 times, because I’ve already seen it four times so I need to add that to the amount of times I will have seen it if I start watching it right now.

Of course, as amazing as watching any Simon Pegg flick over one thousand times in a row sounds, this is an imperfect world we live in, with things called editing and schoolwork and food. I mean, c’mon! Food? Really? Who thought of that? It’s completely insane albeit insanely delicious and deliciously satiating and—

I could really go for a panino right now. Yeah, that sounds really good. Like, Canadia good! Or James Joyce good! Or even–dare I say it?–cheesecake good. *Discordant chords*

So, where was I? Oh, yeah, Script Frenzy. Three months away. Well, that seems like all the time in the world, doesn’t it? I’m sure I have more than enough time to grab some Italian food whilst I wait, providing that I don’t get retrograde amnesia again. Or maybe that was Jason Bourne I was thinking of…Damnit, you, quit messing with my head! I was going to eat that mummy!

~~La Stranezza

P.S. People, please participate in my periodical contest. Come on! It’ll be fun! And if it isn’t, you can have some of my prosciutto and faba!



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