Edited Prcess

Correction from the last post: There were actually three Futurama references last post. But that’s besides the point, so long’s you Remember Me for my awesomeness, not my inability to count.

More to the point: I started editing recently!…and then I stopped, because of holidayan intervention and shtuff like that. I haven’t actually got anything done since last Thursday, but I plan on getting stuff done soon. So far, I’ve reviewed about three quarters of my first draft and/or decided that I’m going in a completely opposite direction than previously anticipated, making Salesman more of a subtextual adventure than a textual one; i.e., I’m going to remove most to all of the metafictional parts of the narrative, just because I feel like it, and then retcon the main character as a talking walrus named Maurice who writes Broadway musicals and has cancer, due to the fact that he was forced to watch one of the worst auditions of all time. Surprisingly, the auditioner was not Nicholas Cage.

Also, while I’m at it, I’m going to make everyone else into vampire *slang term for cats* who are completely unable to do anything more badass than recite Shakespeare and play the piano, because my internal agent has told me that “That’s what sells, man!”

Now, while I’m still suffering from this severe mental breakdown, I suggest you all posit to me that I do something incredibly stupid for no apparent raisin am winning again.

And that’s why I’m still editing.

~~La Stranezza


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