Reverse-Champagne Party

Good news, everyone!

Well, not so much good news as just…news. Anyways, I had an all-timed low in terms of viewership (triple 0’s, in fact) yesterday, which was probably to be expected because (A) it was Christmas and everybody was with their families and (B) I didn’t actually post any content, which is important, because if you want somebody to read something it actually has t be there, or they have to be violently hallucinated and–great Shatner’s ghost! I can’t believe that that last sentence was so long! It was crazy.

Anyways, in a desperate ploy to boost viewership, I have come up with a complex contest that I shall refer to as the “When You See the Robot…Drink!” contest, wherein the point of the contest will be to find the most Futurama references I make in the next five posts.

What? You ask incredulously, still a little hungover from all that egg nog ( and in at least one case, fruity cocktails). Futurama references? We don’t have no stinkin’ Futurama references! I don’t have to show you no Futurama references!  Besides, I haven’t even noticed any Futurama references in this post yet, so, I mean..

Ah, but you forgot, my good man/woman/partially hydrogenated soybean oil/semi-Divine cheese cake, that I am a master of allusion!  *Pulls a rabbit out of a hat* Look, see what I did there…? Ha…Never mind. But, of course, the point is that there are in fact not one but TWO Futurama references in this post, and one reference to a Humphrey Bogart film, and one self-referential reference that mayhaps no one will get because it’s obscure by my standards.

So, what are you waiting for? Find today’s references and email me them at renthead1995 AT gmail DOT com, ‘Cept for put a full stop in place of the dot and a @ in place of the AT. And no spaces, either! But that was a bit self-explanatory, sooo—-Yeah.

~~La Stranezza

P.S. Bonus points if you recognise which episode each reference is from and/or who said it.

P.P.S. Even more bonus points if you actually participate in my grand scheme for world domination.

P.P.P.S. Oh, by the by, the winner gets: On my blogroll, a guest post, and, if I’m feeling bored, a web badge declaring their awesomeness.

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