Updates: Random Crap You Didn’t Want To Know (But Which I Plan On Telling You Anyway)

I had Christmas with my grandfather and cousins earlier, Thursday evening. And you know what that means…presents! And food. So much food, so muchly much food…But that’s another story for another day.

Anyways, I got three presents all in all, which isn’t that bad, ‘specially as none of them are craptastical.

–And what are these non-craptastical presents, you might ask

–I’ll tell you if you’d just calm down already.

–What if I don’t want to calm down, eh? What if I want to bloodywell get quarrelsome and stir up a brouhaha with my compadre conversationalist?

–Then that’s you’re very own problem, tank ye very, and so shut your lower jaw to your upper one and let me get on with my bramblings.

  1. The first thing I got is American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. The causality of events: Me, opening package: “This is super awesome!” *Dad raises eyebrow* Me: “Look, it was written by Neil Gaiman! *Dad raises other eyebrow* Me: “That tuna wasn’t going to salad itself!” Dad: “No, wait,–that was Neil Gaiman?” Me: “Yes.”
  2. Then  I got Sandman Volume I Preludes and Nocturnes, also by Gaiman. The casuality of events: *I open package* Grandpa: “What is that, anyway?” Me: “It’s a graphic novel. *Shows him book*” Grandpa: “I BOUGHT YOU A COMIC BOOK?!?!” Me: “No, it’s a graphic novel.” Grandpa: “What’s the difference?” Me: “…I don’t know…”
  3. And then I got a ten dollar iTunes gift card. The casuality of events: *Aunt hands me gift card* Me: “Thanks.” *Aunt walks off*

And that, my friends, is the true meaning of Christmas.

~~La Stranezza


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