The Party

How they moved how they moved! from room to room they segued like a Gershwin rhapsody but unlike his rhapsody blue it was not and oh the tang punch and the macaroni and the forbidden nectar of the working man as we gathered ’round the fiery hearth and regaled our fine stories of loving losing living lying laughing while the background noise of hannah barbara entertained itself no we were entertained by each other and what entertaining it was the way he laughed at the lack of a punch line or the tale of the alaskan canadian eskimo inuit or the engineers talking off to the side in the eclectic graduation soiree about which we pranced

—As the evening winded down and the guests came about went and the blazingbrightly sun faded into the ground and the mother of my came up to me and she said well its about time to go shelby and so i said where ought we to go and she said back to your grandparents and so i said fine and we all got in the car and went about to seek out the southern aurora of suburbia and found in the process that olde house of ours where i lived as a young boy Well wont you look at that they said and i said i am looking cant you tell you the curb was struck and the car was turned and into to the woods and home far past dark we went.

~~La Stranezza

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