Inspired By Inspiration (ft. Liam Wood)

Today’s guest post comes from the inestimable Liam Wood, who one day aspires to be as brilliant and/or as awesome as me. Little does he realise, the chances of this actually happening are little to none–You gotta be born this way, baby! 

Anything inspirational is irrational, but with an “insp”.

I’ve heard of people saying, “I had an idea, but I discarded it; it wasn’t that great.” Why ever not? Because it wouldn’t work? Because it makes you look bad? Because no one would ever agree to such a plan.

Well, friends of Stranezza, don’t think like that. I think any idea is a good idea, if you make it one. I get inspiration from everything: books I read, books I write, things I see, everything. My main thought during all these encounters is “How can I make this funny, more interesting, or different?” Just look at the idea from a different light and it’ll look better. Everyone sees differently anyway.

A businessman might see one idea one way, but an engineer might see something completely different while looking at the same thing, and a blind person wouldn’t see it at all. Everyone looks at things differently, but when you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve got to see like everyone (sometimes even like the blind guy) and look at everything from everyone’s perspective. Never discard an idea; ideas are precious, really. For my NaNo novel I stuck over five of my own ideas together, glued with more random ideas from outside sources, and covered in spontaneity. And it worked, somehow, miraculously. My little separate visions of an old guy, two identical twins, a peanut allergy in the Middle Ages and an oxcart chase were all put together as one, and it worked. And now I’m afraid to go edit the thing.

The same goes for any plan, or idea, or anything. You can take anything, twist it so it’s unrecognizable, lump on another thought, and it might just work. Or you might just have to do more twisting. But you have to do it all. You can’t just wait for it to twist itself up for you; you’ll be waiting forever. How far can you twist yourself? Unless you’re a contortionist, I’m guessing that you can only go about halfway around without hurting yourself. And how far can your little sibling (or friend) twist you? Well, they don’t care a nickel how much you hurt, so you can twist pretty far at their hands. So, as your overly twisted body begins to unwind itself, take out your twisted wrath on some ideas.

Jack London once said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” And that’s what I love to do.
So get that idea twisted up more than a Twizzler that got its bottom end stuck to a blender and its top glued to the ceiling. With some luck, it’ll be unrecognizable when you see it next.

~~La Stranezza, but not really.

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