Winner O’ Dinner


Scratch that, FREAKING HUZZAH!

I have officially passed the fifty thousand word mark. See, this is amazingly incredible because it means that my life is now next to normal, even though I’m not actually done with my manuscript, just my wordcount goal. I just have one hitch left before I can start relaxing for  more than three minutes at a time: Namely, I have to kill off all my characters at the same time without making it look like deus ex machina so that I can end the ultimately cyclic nature of the novel with the rebuilding of the city. It’ll be fun and sad at the same time.

~~La Stranezza


4 thoughts on “Winner O’ Dinner

  1. Good job, Stranezza! I’ve bribed Quirk with a promise to give him water wings for his birthday if only he would leave me alone, so I am free to offer you my congratulations! And I hereby do.

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