Relatively Odd

Current status: 42,026 words written.

In other news, a bunch–and when I say a bunch, I mean a bunch (roughly eleven extra people)–of family and friends are coming into town today and tomorrow for my younger sister’s (Savannah) Confirmation, which is basically the Catholic version of a Bat Mitzvah, but without the peyos and with much more beer.

Accordingly, that which I dread has come to pass–namely, my mum has gone crazier than usual and wants everybody to clean until their hands bleed. The only reason I have free time to write this is because she thinks I’m doing schoolwork. *Snicker*

So, in case you’re wondering why I’ve mysteriously vanished sometime this Saturday, it’s because I’m being forced by the mongrel children to give them piggy back rides. Well, that, or they’re using me as a human sacrifice to the cookie god.

~~La Stranezza


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