Good News, Bad News, Panini News

Okeley-dokeley, today I have good news, bad news, and some other news that has nothing to do with panini.

The Good News: I’m getting published! It’s super awesome! Granted, it’s only an essay in a small college literary journal, but it still counts for something, no?

Truth be told, this is actually part of my grand scheme for world domination. It’s all very complex and involves quantum physics, which I don’t know how to do, and so I’ll just stop talking right now because I completely lost my train of thought and also because I didn’t get to put sugar in my tea this morning and the resulting loss of blood sugar levels is slowly driving me insane.

That, by the by, is not the bad news. It is, for some strange, non-existent reason, the good news. I’m still not entirely certain how this works, but it brings us back to the quantum physics dilemma, so I’m just going to get on to the bad news.

The Bad News: My dad was in a bad car accident yesterday. He thought he had a broken arm, but it turns out it just got beat up real bad, so he doesn’t have to get a cast or anything and there’s no permanent damage or anything…But the car he was still driving is totaled, so, yeah…

In case you didn’t realise it, that was the bad news.

The News Which Is Neither Good Nor Bad And That Has Nothing At All To Do With Anything, Really: Panini taste really good.

Huh, I suppose that had something to do with panini, so, yeah…”Whatevs.”

~~La Stranezza

16 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News, Panini News

  1. Congrats on the publishing gig. I was published at the age of seven and have regretted it ever since. It was in an anthology of short stories by children. Mine wasn’t the worst one there, but it wasn’t the most promising either. It’s five hundred words, and written out in COMIC SANS!!! Yuck. But I digress. A lot. Again, congratulations.

  2. 1.) Comic Sans sucks.
    2.) PUBLISHING YAY! ALSO YAY FOR WORLD DOMINATION. But boo for car accidents. Glad your Dad’s not too beat up. Hope everything’s okay!
    And… I would just like to say once more that comic sans make me want to take a gun to my head and pull the trigger.

  3. Even the littlest publishing gigs can do a lot to boost your confidence. And hey, at least “college literary journal” sounds like a reputable publication you can list on your activities resume. Will it be available online?

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