Joyce an puns art funs

Haha, see what I did there…?

No? Oh, that’s too bad…

Anyway, Wikipedia has this to say about the term “Joycean”:

…More than anything, however, Joycean has come to denote a form of extreme verbal inventiveness which tends to push the English language towards multi-lingual polysemy or impenetrability. Joycean word play frequently seeks to imply linguistic and literary history on a single plane of communication. It therefore denies readers the simple denotative message traditional in prose in favor of the ambiguity and equivocal signification of poetry.

In other words, the phrase means puntastically fanny. That is to say, fantastically punny. That is to say..Oh, just forget it. The point is that James Joyce had a knack for making even the simplest of sentences incoherently ambiguous.

For instance, the phrase How war yore maggies? Could be interpreted as: “How were your maggies [a type of bird/a group of people named Margaret]?” Or, quite possibly, it could be said that it means: “How warred in times past maggies?”

Either way really doesn’t make any sense…But it does back of my thesis that James Joyce had a large amount of literary chutzpah, and also explains why everybody loves Ireland. Well, sorta. It leaves out the part about how the potato is such an awesome vegetable type-thing.

And now, before the post is over, here is a picture of the great Joyce himself:

James Joyce: Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names Since 1882



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