Testy Test Tests

I just got out from a maths test. Let me tell you: I feel much better about this test than I did about the last test I took. I actually knew what the test was talking about when it said: “Find the inverse relationship between the function f and the rear differential driveshaft of my 2007 Mazda5. Bonus credit if  you can figure out why the hell I would buy a minivan.”

Okay, so maybe it didn’t say that exactly. But that’s what I, personally, got out of question 8: my professor puts a lot of subtext in his tests. He’s very dedicated to his work.

Moving along…

Anyways, even though I passed through the first hurdle without getting attacked by Klingon Warbirds, there’s still one more “boss” before I “beat” the video game level that is the “week” of October “9th”: The “P”SAT!

Suddenly, the week of October 9th feels a lot like the Pharos at Ridorana Cataract…

For those who don’t know (i.e., people outside of the US and/or people who’ve been living under a rock for quite some time now), the PSAT is a “standardised” “test” that they make you “take” so you can get a “number” that decides whether or not you get to go hang out with the Yacht club at one of Ivy League “Schools” of “America”.

Note that they say nothing about Canada! Those fiends!

Anyways, you’re supposed to take this test, and if you make a high enough “number,” you win some sort of prize. It really doesn’t make any sense to me either, so don’t you worry about a “thing”, mate.

Well, I’m off to go get attacked by a rabid squirrel. Until next time,

~~La “Stranezza”

P.S. ” “


6 thoughts on “Testy Test Tests

  1. Lol. Yay on doing well on tests! 😀
    Another note on coincidences: I JUST DID REALLY WELL ON MY ALGEBRA RETAKE. I brought my first grade *which was a D minus. >.< * up to an A.
    So oh yeeeah(:

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