Updates: Contests, Music Festivals, and Flashmobs

Yesterday I went to a music festival in my town It’s actually the biggest festival in my area, and a pretty fun place to be, thanks to the combination of the facts that (a) I knew half the people there, and (b) the music was pretty awesome. So, for all intensive purposes, I hung out with my friends for seven hours straight yesterday. Oh, and I ate the nastiest meat pie in existence. I have no idea what was in it, and I have a feeling I really don’t ever want to know, so let’s just stop talking about it RIGHT NOW before I throw up.

Anyways, there was a flash mob at the Music Festival. I’d know about it for a while, as two of my sisters and several of my previously mentioned friends were in it, but that doesn’t make it less awesome. They danced the Thriller and the guy who was playing Michael Jackson’s shoe fell off. It was, and I quote, “An epic win.” I can’t include the video of them dancing here for privacy purposes, but I’m sure some of my readers can put two and two together and find it on YouTube.

Finally, let’s move on to the contest part of the update. In less than four weeks I’ll hit the 200 posts mark, and to celebrate this, I’m going to have a contest. Whomever makes the 465th comment (we’re at 427 right now) will win the chance to either: guest post, have wonderful things written about them, or force me to write about whatever subject they fancy for three hundred words with hilarious results.* So, get those fingers typing and remember: Be there or be a neo-Cubist! Not that I have anything against neo-Cubists, of course. They’re pretty fun guys and gals, really.

~~La Stranezza

*At least, I’d like to think I’m hilarious…


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