Brainss! Brand Premium Ice Cream

As a zombie, do you often feel discriminated against when buying ice cream?

Zombie 1#: Hey, all these human ice cream flavours are discriminatory! I want braainss! flavoured ice cream!

Well, lucky for you, now you can have brain flavoured ice cream, thanks to Brains Brand Ice Cream, available at your local supermarket!

That’s right! No more mixing up your own brain flavoured ice creams, no more expensive mail-order catalogues: all you have to do is stagger down the block and pick up a full gallon-sized container of everyone’s favourite treat!

Brains Brand Ice Cream: For when brains alone just doesn’t cut it.


So sorry about the brevity of this post. Tomorrow’s post will be longer, and include fun updates on things like: Why I draw on my arm; how I fought the floor and how it won; and what happens whenever you try to light a raccoon on fire.*

Until next time,

~~La Stranezza

*That raccoon had it coming!


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