Existence and Other Annoyances

Guess what? It’s my 163th post! Which is really awesome. Also, I’m watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which makes it even more funderful.

Now for something less awesome-in-the-sense-that-it-was-really-fantastic but more awesome-in-the-sense-that-it-was-incredibly-powerful. Namely, I had what you might call an existentialist “crisis” at the grocery store yesterday.

I was at school yesterday. My mum wasn’t going to pick me up till two thirty, so I walked to the grocery store to buy lunch.

As I was walking down the soda aisle, I decided that I wanted to get something to drink. So I looked at all the different sodas, trying to figure out which one to get. Then I realised that there were so many, and that it I had to pick just one. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. The sheer freedom that I experienced inspired a sense of ineffable dread in me.

So I ran away from the sodas and paid for the frozen meal I’d picked out, rushing out of the store as quick as humanly possible.

Except for then, I forgot to get a fork, and so I had to go all the way across campus again and get one. It really sucked.

And…That’s it for the first part of the post. The second part of the post is far less depressing.


I got an email back about my submission. I’ll know whether or not I made the cut in about a month.

And, so, that’s the second part of the post. See? Told you it wasn’t depressing.


This is the third part of the post. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, but I sure do like multiples of three. Most of the time. Sometimes I like multiples of four better. And prime numbers are pretty sweet, too.

Like, for instance, 163 is a prime number. But that’s not the reason I like it.

You see, me and 163 have a long and complicated relationship that can only occur between a number and a man.

That sounded a lot stranger than I meant it to. This calls for a celebration of some sort.

Oh, drat. This brings us back to the entire mead conundrum…


I told you I liked the number four, too. It’s shiny. Like pizza.

~~La Stranezza

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