Guess what?

I just sent in my first manuscript to an editor!

Granted, the manuscript is a thousand word essay, and the publication is a community college literary magazine, but it’s a start, right?

Also granted, my submission has not yet been accepted yet (and, as I’m neither a full time student or over eighteen, there’s a chance they’ll reject me just for that), as I just sent it away about ten seconds ago, but, still, I’m very proud of myself.

This most certainly calls for a bread-which-has-gone-through-the-Maillard-reaction-in-order-to-become-more-flavourful-and-crispy.

On second thought, yelling out “Skaal” in the middle of a public library whilst drinking imaginary mead would be a sorry idea indeed.  I’m just going to silently drink my imaginary mead instead, as being kicked out of the library in the middle of writing a blog post would be a bad thing indeed.

Is it just me, or do they not make imaginary mead like they used to?Maybe I should brew my own mead…

Well, that’s no help. The only book they have on fermentation in this library is Tom Robbins’ B is for Beer, and I’ve already read that!

It looks like this is a job for…CHEMICAL ENGINEERS!

This is the plan: A) I’m going to spend the next four years of my life training to make mead. Next B) I’m going to spend the twenty years after that to build a time machine, and, finally, C) I’m going to make some delicious mead and travel back in time to bring it to myself…Right now!

Curses! It didn’t work. This is tragic.

Okay! New plan!…

~~La Stranezza


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