Speak Out With Your Geek Out: Cinema

So, there’s this thingamajig going on right now–Speak Out With Your Geek Out. It’s to celebrate geekdom in all forms. Here’s the link: http://www.speakoutwithyourgeekout.com/

Now, as you should all know, I love literature. Good literature. I read Joyce and Hugo where other people read Stephanie Meyers and J.L. Smith.

But, if there’s one thing I love more than a good book, it’s a good film. From cult classics like Shaun of the Dead to universally-acclaimed kick-ass old school films such as Giant to the plus à l’avant of the garde, give me a good movie and I’ll become absolutely immersed in it.

With a novel, it’s impossible to become absolutely immersed. You can become enthralled with the beauty of the prose, and the feel of the pages, but you can never escape from external noises and sudden images that might distract you. Because a film encompasses everything from spoken word to music to photography, all your senses are occupied.

Granted, some movies might be lacking on one front or another–for instance, Source Code has gorgeous cinematography but a terrible score–but a truly marvellous film (such as Breathless or Amélie) is not lacking in any aspect. You fall in love with the angles, the colour palette cannot help but make you smile, you tap your fingers in rhythm with the score, and every action by the players is viewed with a sort of reverence. It is not one element that makes a film great. It is a culmination of all elements.

And that, my dear friends, is why I love cinema in a way I could never love literature.








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